Assigning Workstation Groups in CMC

Assigning Workstation Groups in CMC

Users with appropriate access can assign Workstation Groups to specific Workstations in the CMC Portal.

Workstation Group is a collection of settings and instructions that determine what happens when a device is plugged in to Lean One Touch. For example, you might have separate groups set up for Functional Testing and Reflashing devices. A FutureDial representative can assist you in determining what groups best fit your needs.

A Workstation refers to a PC running the FutureDial software. Workstations are assigned to Workstation Groups, and will perform the functions assigned to it's group regardless of which user is logged in.

Before continuing, make sure you have the following information at hand:
  • The Windows System Name of each Workstation you want to assign to a different group.
  • A list of which Workstation Group you want to assign each Workstation to.
Also, the following must be performed by either a Site Manager or Company Manager user. Operator users are not able to assign Workstation Groups.

After logging in to the CMC Portal, select 'Organization' from the menu on the left.

Then Select the 'Workstation' tab.

Below the search filters, you will see a list of Workstations available. Select the name of the Workstation you want to change, and the row will turn green. Then, select the 'Add to group:' drop down box, and select the Workstation Group you want to switch to.

After you select the Workstation Group you wish to use, click the 'Submit' button.

After clicking the 'Submit' button, the changes are saved, but will not take effect on the Workstation until Lean One Touch has been restarted.

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