Error 11050 - Get admin right failure

Error 11050 - Get admin right failure

This error indicates that the FutureDial software was unable to obtain admin rights on the device to initiate the factory reset process.

This error code often happens when a device's screen turns off or locks before FutureDial is able to begin the refurbish process. If you receive this error code, ensure that the device is unlocked and has USB debugging enabled, and then try plugging it in to a different port, and ensuring that the screen does not turn off before processing begins.

This can also be caused on newer versions of Android by leaving the "Verify apps installed via ADB" option enabled on the device under developer options. When enabling USB Debugging in the developer options menu to prepare the device, make sure that the "Verify apps installed via ADB" option is unchecked to prevent this error from possibly happening.
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