ISD Installation and Configuration Instructions

ISD Installation and Configuration Instructions

System Requirements:

Ubuntu server 14.04+ (64-bit)
At least 500GB free HD space
CPU: i5, 3.2GHz


Setup Local server

Case 1, First time installation

1. Login as root and using below command:


wget -O - | bash

(optional) 2. Change how many versions of firmwares you want to keep(default three versions):


# Change the red number to what you want, below use 4 versions for example

sudo sed -i 's/"keep_versions": [0-9]\{1,2\}/"keep_versions": 4/' /var/www/isd/static/config.json


Case 2, Version upgrade (For upgrade software from previous version to v1.8.1)

1. Login as root and using below command:


wget -O - | bash

Admin Console

The admin console can be accessed at


Setup Client

1. Go to the Admin console and click the "Client Installer" button.

2. (Optional) If your server has multiple network cards installed, a dropdown box will be displayed and you will need to select which IP address you prefer to use.

3. A client installer will be generated. You can click "Download" to begin downloading the installer.

4. Download and run the installer. If Windows SmartScreen is blocking the installation, click "More Info" and then "Run Anyway"

5. After installing, the Install result screen will be shown, and the client will auto-start and display an icon in the system tray.

Downloadable Guide

A copy of these instructions is included as an attachment to this guide, and can be downloaded for future reference.
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