Lean One-Touch Installation Guide

Lean One-Touch Installation Guide

1. Installing Lean One Touch

The Lean One Touch installer can be downloaded at the following link:  Lean One Touch Installer

Once downloaded, please run the installer on each machine. You will be asked for your installation serial number. Your FutureDial representative can provide you with your serial number during the onboarding process.

The installation process MUST be done using an Windows Admin user.

Antivirus & Security Software Exception
The FutureDial executable creates additional instances of itself during operation, in order to run siloed instances of device drivers in order to support multiple devices connected to the same machine at once. This can lead to a known issue with antivirus and security software incorrectly flagging the FutureDial software and interfering with it's operation. Make sure that an exception is added for the entire FutureDial folder: C:\ProgramData\FutureDial to avoid this.

Automatic Driver Updates
Windows can sometimes update device drivers automatically, causing FutureDial to no longer be able to detect devices. In order to prevent this from happening, Automatic driver updates should be disabled for FutureDial workstations. This setting can be found by searching for "Device Installation Settings" in Windows control panel, and selecting "No" when asked if you want to automatically download manufacturers' apps and custom icons for your devices, then saving the changes. (This must be done as a windows admin)

You can use the same serial on as many machines are you like.  Once the installation is finished, you MUST RESTART the machine. Please do so when the installer asks you to restart.

After restart, the software will begin the download of the components to ensure you are on the latest version. You should see a green bubble icon at the lower right hand corner with a downward arrow, this means it’s downloading installation files.  This can take about 30-60 minutes or more depending on your internet speed, please be patient and let the process complete.  You will know it is complete when you see the Lean One Touch and Toolbox icon on the desktop.

The system Lean One Touch is installed on should ONLY be used for processing devices. Other mobile software packages, or drivers should not be installed on the same machine, including iTunes.

 After installing the software, you must next calibrate your hubs or manually calibrate your USB ports, before processing devices.

Launch the FD Utilities program, and select "Calibration" from the menu.

If using a 7 or 20 port hub, select Smart Calibration. If manually configuring USB ports using a provided blue dongle, choose Regular Calibration. Only choose FutureDial Smart Hub if instructed to do so. Follow the onscreen prompts and instructions in order to calibrate your hubs and ports.

Next, close the FD Utilities, and launch the Lean One-Touch software and log in. After doing so for the first time, Site or Company manager accounts will be able to log into the web portal at CMC.futuredial.com and assign the new workstation to the required workstation group.

2. Installing the IPSW Downloader tool (Optional step - required for iOS support)

The IPSW downloader tool can be downloaded here:

Install the IPSW Downloader and launch the program.  You should see a list of the latest Apple IPSW/DMG firmware files available.  These files are necessary to process Apple devices.  However, due to the size of the files, you can choose to download only the IPSW files for the models that you will be processing.  Click Start to begin download.  Downloaded files will be placed into C:\Program Data\Futuredial\CMC\PST\Apple\Common\dmg\



This utility only needs to be installed on one machine, you can transfer the IPSW/DMG files to each additional machine after they have completed downloading.  The location where these files need to be placed on each GreenT machine is also:

C:\Program Data\Futuredial\CMC\PST\Apple\Common\dmg\