MobileQ Installation Guide

MobileQ Installation Guide

1. Installing Lean One Touch

Run the MobileQ installer provided by FutureDial. You will be asked for your User Name, Company Name, and Serial Number. Your FutureDial representative can provide you with your serial number during the onboarding process.
The installation process MUST be done using an Windows Admin user.

You can use the same serial on as many machines are you like.  Once the installation is finished, you MUST RESTART the machine. Please do so when the installer asks you to restart.

After restart, the software will begin the download of the components to ensure you are on the latest version. You should see a green bubble icon at the lower right hand corner with a downward arrow, this means it’s downloading installation files.  This can take about 30-60 minutes or more depending on your internet speed, please be patient and let the process complete.  You will know it is complete when you see three icons appear on your desktop: Calibrate Ports, Profile Manager,  and MobileQ Configurator on the desktop.

The system MobileQ is installed on should ONLY be used for MobileQ. Other mobile software packages, or drivers should not be installed on the same machine, including iTunes, or other FutureDial products such as Lean One Touch.