Support Portal FAQ

Support Portal FAQ

Support Portal FAQ
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    • Lean One-Touch Installation Guide

      1. Installing Lean One Touch The Lean One Touch installer can be downloaded at the following link: Lean One Touch Installer Once downloaded, please run the installer on each machine. You will be asked for your installation serial number. Your ...
    • Info API v1.9

      Info API   Document History Version Date Comments 1.0 10/22/2019 Comments and reversion. 1.1 11/07/2019   1.2 11/20/2019 Add example 1.3 11/21/2019 Add request interval check 1.4 11/25/2019 Add file expiration check 1.5 11/29/2019 1.  Add parameter ...
    • iPhone 7 devices won't activate

      Over time, we have noticed an increase in the number of activation failures, or devices that take a very long time to activate. Specifically, iPhone 7 devices with model number A1660. Apple has issued a statement regarding these devices, which have ...
    • Assigning Workstation Groups in CMC

      Users with appropriate access can assign Workstation Groups to specific Workstations in the CMC Portal. A Workstation Group is a collection of settings and instructions that determine what happens when a device is plugged in to Lean One Touch. For ...
    • Functional Testing User Guide

      A PDF Download of the full Functional Testing User Guide (3.7 MB) can be found by selecting "Attachments" for this article.