Support Portal FAQ

Support Portal FAQ

Support Portal FAQ
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    • Lean One-Touch Installation Guide

      1. Installing Lean One Touch The Lean One Touch installer can be downloaded at the following link: Lean One Touch Installer Once downloaded, please run the installer on each machine. You will be asked for your installation serial number. Your ...
    • NDSE NPI System Overview and Demo Video

      The link below is a video that introduces the NPI (New Product Introduction) system that is used to test and validate support for networking hardware that is to be used with FutureDial's NDSE (Network Device Secure Erase) solution: ...
    • Data Storage Eraser (DSE) Users Guide d04.30.2020

      Please keep all versions here and date them appropriately. 
    • Assigning Workstation Groups in CMC

      Users with appropriate access can assign Workstation Groups to specific Workstations in the CMC Portal. A Workstation Group is a collection of settings and instructions that determine what happens when a device is plugged in to Lean One Touch. For ...
    • Info API v1.11

      Latest API Attached.