Allow List Requirements for ECS

Allow List Requirements for ECS

web site name IP status IP Address protocol function Fixed 443[https] product serial number, android operation sequence Fixed 80[http],443[https] model2carrier DB, ECS phone id list Fixed 80[http],443[https] MSL proxy Fixed 80[http],443[https] Reserved Fixed 21[ftp],80[http],443[https] software update Fixed 80[http],443[https] CMC login, CMC Dynamic 80[http] Optical character recognition web service Dynamic 80[http], 443[https] Skyladder web service for third party 
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    • Data Storage Eraser (DSE) Users Guide d04.30.2020

      Please keep all versions here and date them appropriately. 
    • Functional Testing User Guide

      A PDF Download of the full Functional Testing User Guide (3.7 MB) can be found by selecting "Attachments" for this article.