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            LG Devices don't connect, are not recognized, or fail to process.

            Sometimes when running LG devices, certain models have problems detecting, and sometimes will fail with error code 11001 thru 11010. 

            LG devices can be tricky, and they don't seem to have the same connectivity configuration as many of the other Android manufacturers. Here is a general rule to achieve highest success rates for processing LG devices.

            • When processing LG devices, make note of the OS version of the device, older devices require MTP mode or Internet mode, while devices with OS 5.0.1 or higher require PTP (Photo Transfer) or MIDI (Music) mode.
            • Sometimes it might not be feasible to have operators check the OS version of the device prior to running it, so in that case, have the operator try MTP mode first, and if the device fails, re-run the device on another port in a different mode to attempt to achieve success.
            • Due to the unique implementation and customization of Android, LG devices can sometimes behave more erratically than other devices. This may cause additional prompts to appear while the device is being processed. It's best to have an operator check the device for prompts on the screen and tap them away as the device is being refurbished.

            For LG devices that do not connect and stay on the Detecting tile

            Go to the home screen of the device.

            Swipe down from the top of the screen, to bring up the Notification Drawer. Select the item that reads "Tap to change USB options"

            In the following pop-up menu there will be multiple options. The options are for how the device will act when connected via USB cable to a PC. You will want to select one of two options; For older LG devices, the options are MTP or PTP, and for newer LG devices they are Photo Transfer or MIDI device.

            Start with PTP or Photo Transfer mode. After you have selected the USB connection mode, select the 'ALWAYS' button at the bottom of the popup. This will cause the device to use this USB connection mode every time it is plugged into a PC.

            After you change the USB connection mode, the device may detect in Lean One Touch.

            If the device does not detect, unplug the device from the current port, and plug it in to a different port.

            If the device does not detect, go back to the USB Connection menu and select the MTP or MIDI Device option, and try again.

            Updated: 23 Mar 2018 04:23 AM
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