FutureDial Support

            Recommended Hardware Configuration

            Single 7 or 20 Port Hub
            Two 20 Port Hubs
            Core i5
            Core i5
            8GB RAM (minimum)
            16 GB RAM (minimum)
            PCI USB 3.0 Card
            500GB SSD (Solid State Hard Drive)*
            Operating System
            Windows 10
            Windows 10

            *Lean One Touch requires up to 500GB of hard drive drive space, depending on firmware files downloaded to the machine.

            Windows 10 must be a FRESH INSTALL. This means no other driver packages, including iTunes should be installed. Even if uninstalled, some programs leave latent drivers on the machine that are very difficult if not impossible to fully clear out of the Windows registry.

            For Optimal Performance:

            1. Fresh Windows 10 install
            2. No Driver Packages
            3. No iTunes
            4. No Competitor Software
            5. No extra Anti Virus/malware detection (or the ability to white list the FutureDial Program folder)
            Updated: 18 Jun 2019 05:26 AM
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